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[special_heading title=”ABOUT BEST PAY HEAD BOOKIE SOFTWARE” subtitle=” has been providing gaming services since 2009. With a dedicated and experienced staff of clerks, customer service agents, linesman, computer technicians and managers, we provide a superior service to our onshore agents. With day to day onshore operations becoming more unmanageable with the high level of service and options that players have come to expect from offshore operations. BestPay Per Head has provided many agents with the service and security that is needed to compete in this day and age.” margin_bottom=”65″ text_align=”center” color=”dark”]

Our staff

Best pay per head call center is staffed with highly experienced and fluent English-speaking clerks. We know that our North American clientele demand a personal service experience and communication is key to providing an agent with satisfied players. That is why we recruit our staff with the highest level of English fluency and comprehensive knowledge of the industry.


Best pay per head linesman, clerks, service representatives and managers have all worked many years in the gaming industry. The lines management staff is constantly working hard to set lines correctly and grade them fast. This dedication, day in and day out, over the last 15 years has made us experts at what we do.

Competitive Service

At best pay per headwe provide all of this and more to our customers at competitive service rates. We will personalize your service package to meet your specific needs, contact one of our representatives now and get the peace of mind you have earned.

Setting up is easy. Give us a call Toll Free: 1-877-897-1039

[special_heading title=”BEST PAY PER HEAD IS THE BEST ONLINE PER HEAD BOOKIE SOFTWARE SERVICE TODAY!” subtitle=”Many Bookies are switching to best pay per head softwarebecause it helps them stay ahead in the business and also meet rising customer demands more seamlessly.” margin_bottom=”65″ text_align=”center” color=”dark”]

If you have any questions or comments about the Bestpayperhead.comservices please contact us 1-877-897-1039

[icon_box title=”WAGERING OPTIONS” text=”Your players are able to wager by phone or on the internet. They can wager on sports, horses, or in our online casino (should you choose to make that option available to them).Our array of sports includes but is not limited to: Football (NFL, College, CFL, Arena) and more” style=”centered” animation_delay=”300″ text_style=”fullwidth” icon=”fa-desktop”]
[icon_box title=”RISK MANAGEMENT” text=”With 40+ years of combined experience, our line managers are thoroughly familiar with all the nuances of betting action, and move the lines accordingly. They are also very adept at identifying and monitoring sharp players (wise guys), and will bring their wagering activity to your attention.” style=”centered” animation_delay=”500″ text_style=”fullwidth” icon=”fa-comments-o”]
[icon_box title=”SECURITY” text=”Throughout the course of years in the Per head business, we have earned the respect and trust of hundreds of agents and master agents. We only collect information from you that is absolutely necessary to set up and service your account. That information is accessed only by our supervisory and management staff.” style=”centered” animation_delay=”700″ text_style=”fullwidth” icon=”fa-life-ring”]
[icon_box title=”PLAYERS MANAGEMENT” text=”You can analyze individual player wagering activity through a variety of advanced reports, including Player Pending Transactions, Sports Daily Figures (by player), Casino Daily Figures (by player), Customer Daily Figures Combined, and Customer Performance (by week, month, and year).” style=”centered” animation_delay=”900″ text_style=”fullwidth” icon=”fa-flask”]
[special_heading title=”WHAT WE OFFER” subtitle=”Bookmakers all over the world using our best pay per head service are making more money by using our pay per head offshore bookmaking services and you can too. Best Pay Per Head Outsourcing Service you’ll save on recruiting, money, time, labor, office space and training, as well as the cost of software and hardware.” margin_bottom=”0″ text_align=”center” color=”white”][north_tabs tabs=”%5B%7B%22title%22%3A%22SUPPORT%22%2C%22heading%22%3A%22MIGRATION%20SUPPORT%22%2C%22text%22%3A%22Come%20with%20us%20and%20will%20help%20you%20transfer%20all%20the%20history%20of%20your%20players%2C%20balances%2C%20open%20wagers%2C%20futures%2C%20etc.Premium%20service%20with%20all%20the%20software%20features%20we%20provide.%20Only%20%2412%20per%20head%20or%20less.%20No%20hidden%20fees%20or%20requirements.%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22SERVICE%2024%2F7%22%2C%22heading%22%3A%22CUSTOMER%20SERVICE%2024%2F7%22%2C%22text%22%3A%22Horizon%20Per%20Head%20offers%20your%20clients%20a%2024%2F7%20toll%20free%20number%20with%20the%20customer%20service%20of%20our%20professional%20staff%20that%20will%20not%20only%20read%20the%20lines%2C%20answer%20questions%20and%20take%20the%20action%20but%20will%20also%20speak%20to%20them%20in%20the%20language%20they%20need.%20We%20bring%20you%20our%20A%20game%20so%20your%20guys%20will%20think%20you%20are%20the%20only%20game%20in%20tow%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22PRICES%22%2C%22heading%22%3A%22UNBEATABLE%20PRICES%22%2C%22text%22%3A%22if%20you%20have%20five%20players%20or%20a%20thousand%E2%80%A6%20Horizon%20Per%20Head%20can%20customize%20a%20service%20package%20to%20meet%20your%20internet%20needs%20with%20over%2015%20years%20of%20experience%20and%20guaranteed%20low%2C%20low%2C%20low%20prices.Only%20%2412%20per%20player%20%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22WAGERING%22%2C%22heading%22%3A%22MOBILE%20WAGERING%22%2C%22text%22%3A%22Bet%20in%20real%20time%5CnAny%20Where%5CnAny%20Smart%20Mobile%5Cn%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22POSSIBLE%20LINE%22%2C%22heading%22%3A%22EVERY%20POSSIBLE%20LINE%22%2C%22text%22%3A%22Give%20your%20players%20more%20options%2C%20more%20fun.%20Featuring%20tons%20of%20betting%20options%20on%20all%20major%20leagues%20(pro%2Fcollege)%2C%20world%20championships%20and%20entertainment.We%E2%80%99ve%20got%20all%20the%20professional%20and%20college%20sporting%20events%20you%20can%20think%20of%20that%20your%20players%20can%20wager%20on%3A%20NFL%20Football%2C%20College%20Football%2C%20NBA%20Basketball%2C%20NCAA%20March%20Madness%20and%20MLB.%20You%20want%20even%20more%20sports%3F%20Well%2C%20you%20can%20even%20bet%20on%20Soccer%2C%20Hockey%2C%20MMA%2C%20UFC%2C%20Tennis%2C%20Golf%20and%20Auto%20Racing.%20get%20a%20custom%20quote%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22CUSTOMIZED%22%2C%22heading%22%3A%22FREE%20CUSTOMIZED%20WEBSITES%22%2C%22text%22%3A%22If%20you%20want%20a%20personalized%20website%2C%20just%20choose%20one%20of%20our%20templates%20and%20we%20will%20customize%20the%20landing%20page%2C%20graphics%2C%20colors%20and%20logo%20to%20your%20needs.%20Page%20titles%2C%20navigation%20buttons%20and%20layouts%20tailored%20to%20fit%20your%20best%20interests%20are%20all%20built%20right%20in.If%20you%20already%20have%20a%20website%2C%20we%20can%20host%20it%20at%20Horizon%20or%20we%20can%20purchase%20an%20available%20URL%20for%20you%20and%20your%20players%20and%20design%20a%20site%20to%20match.get%20a%20custom%20quote%22%7D%5D”]


We provide all of this and more to our customers at competitive service rates. We will personalize your service package to meet your specific needs, contact one of our representatives now and get the peace of mind you have earned.

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[icon_box title=”SPORTSBOOK” text=”Never lose another client to an offshore sportsbook ever!” style=”right” animation_delay=”200″ icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-book-open” icon=”fa-camera-retro”][icon_box title=”RACEBOOK” text=”Horse betting is a lucrative proposition for Bookies” style=”right” animation_delay=”400″ icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-horse” icon=”fa-cog”]
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[special_heading title=”WHY CHOOSE US?” subtitle=”Best Pay Per Head has been providing safest and reliable service for the offshoregaming industry since 2011. We offer complete turnkey solutions for sportsbook, Rascebook, casino and pay per head bookmaker needs.Our years experience of managing online gambling sites, and servicing price per head agents, we know what you need to make your gaming business a success.” margin_bottom=”0″ color=”dark”]

Any bookie in the sportsbook industry can use our best pay per head services . This includes established bookies, sports betting agents and professional credit bookmakers.

In order to use our best pay per head services, you need to pay a fee for every active customer that you have and are not required to pay for inactive customers.

In order to help your run your business and improve your operation, price per head service generate reports with useful information that can be used to further your business.

What Is Best Pay Per Head?

BPPH was launched in 2011 and is dedicated to providing reliable and top-quality services for the offshore gaming industry. Among their services are price per head solutions for bookmakers.

Best Pay Per HeadSolutions

We offer a comprehensive price per head solution for bookmakers. The services can be used by local bookmakers, sports betting agents or professional credit bookmakers.

Why use Best Pay Per Head?

There are many benefits to using Best Pay Per Head to manage your sportsbook. Weaim to provide you with an efficient and cost-effective solution that will allow you more time to invest in the growth of your business.

[special_heading title=”OUR PRODUCTS” subtitle=”” margin_bottom=”60″ color=”dark”]


Our many years of experience in the online gambling industry, make us a safe and secure per head option that will help you to grow your business and increase your profits.

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[special_heading title=”OUR BEST PAY PER HEAD SERVICES” subtitle=” is a top gambling software provider as we not only provide sports betting software services but also provide your bookie business with a full array of casino platforms, horse racing software, banking options, website design, sportsbook pay per head services and more.” color=”dark”]


Run your own sportsbook using Best Pay Per Head bookie software services and keep the profits in your pockets.


Capture the booming mobile betting market with betting software that’s built for the task.


We offer advanced reporting features you can access anywhere. Monitor bets and player activity with betting action reports.


Offer your players in-game bets and never stop taking action on as many games as you want.

[special_heading title=”Choose your Plan to Upgrade your Sportsbook & Casino” subtitle=”Our pricing is designed to give you maximum value while allowing us to cover operating costs to provide you with the most reliable Offshore Pay Per Service in the gaming industry.” margin_bottom=”60″ color=”dark”]
[pricing_box title=”Starter” price=”$3″ period=”per head” button_label=”Join Now” button_url=”” features=”24/7 Sportsbook,24/7 Casino,24/7 Racebook,Commercial Live Betting,Advanced Reporting,Full Control of Player Settings,Experienced CS Staff,-,-,-,”]
[pricing_box title=”Standard” price=”$7″ period=”per head” button_label=”Join Now” button_url=”” animation_delay=”300″ features=”24/7 Sportsbook,24/7 Casino,24/7 Racebook,Commercial Live Betting,Advanced Reporting,Custom Website,Full Control of Player Settings,Personal Account Manager,-,-“]
[pricing_box title=”Professional” price=”$12″ period=”per head” featured=”yes” button_label=”Join Now” button_url=”” animation_delay=”500″ features=”24/7 Sportsbook,24/7 Casino,24/7 Racebook,Commercial Live Betting,Live In-Game Betting on 1000’s of Events,Advanced Reporting,Custom Website,Full Control of Player Settings,,Personal Account Manager,,”]
[pricing_box title=”MASTER PREMIUM” price=”$20″ period=”per head” button_label=”Join Now” button_url=”” animation_delay=”700″ features=”24/7 Sportsbook,24/7 Casino,24/7 Racebook,Commercial Live Betting,Live In-Game Betting on 1000’s of Events,Advanced Reporting,Custom Website,Full Control of Player Settings,Personal Account Manager,,”]
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It’s All About Giving First Class Service To You And Your Players” color=”dark”][vntd_contact_form id=”417″ email=”” label_name=”Please enter your Name” label_email=”Please enter your E-Mail” label_subject=”Please enter your Subject” label_message=”Please enter your Message” label_submit=”Send E-Mail”]
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