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About Us provides bookmakers the world over with all the 21st Century tools and support they need to flourish in a competitive marketplace.

We provide their players with 24/7 telephone and internet access to a full array of wagering options on sports, horses and casino games. Bookmakers, in turn, can take advantage of our state-of-the-art software, comprehensive reporting structure, and highly professional staff to optimize the performance of their operations. Since our inception in 2008.

Best Pay Per Head has been totally committed to professionalism and customer satisfaction. Click here to find out how we can help your business prosper beyond your wildest expectations!

Best Pay Per Head is located in San Jose Costa Rica, the meca of online betting, where we benefit from a highly developed infrastructure, superior internet broad-band width, and a strictly-regulated sports book industry.

Our technologically advanced Book Making systems are top of the line assets that totally separate us from the competition. These are designed with technology that truly delivers quality service that your customers expect. They are highly reliable to you and to them, because availability of the service at all times is critical, and they are implemented so they can be easily repaired with no delay on unexpected problems.

We constantly update and monitor our equipment to provide greater results and to ensure that your clients will always have the highest level of satisfaction when they use our systems.